Paulith Bank, Pulverbatch,
Shropshire, England

Paulith Bank, Pulverbatch, Shropshire, England

The landscape of Shropshire is a largely agrarian and pastoral one. Though also hilly in places like what you in the photo, you are likely to wander through everyday farming lives as you walk about the place. It certainly felt a little like that as I hiked from Church Stretton to Snailbeach on a Saturday in February 2018 as cloud broke over my head to allow for a multitude of sunny spells.

The above photo captures a scene encountered after some uncertain navigation across a field the path looked more distinct. Thankfully, my perambulations caused no rancour, and I was left to go downhill to the road without intrusion. The walking was going as it did for much of that day, periods of solitude interspersed with the company of other walking parties. There was enough room for everyone.

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