Porthill Foot Bridge, Shrewsbury,
Shropshire, England

Porthill Foot Bridge, Shrewsbury, Shropshire, England

The sight of this footbridge reminded me of the Queen's Park Footbridge in Chester though their situations are very different. Chester's counterpart almost feels shoehorned into a tight space when you approach it from St. John's Church, and it's not that much different at the other side of the Dee. In contrast, Shrewsbury's Porthill Foot Bridge has plenty of breathing room at its northern end. That's thanks to the Quarry Park, and we see it in the background here as it rises to the foot of St. Chad's Church. The fact that the Severn is a river with plenty of girth helps with the airy impression as does the relative lack of encroachment by housing on the southern bank. With Shrewsbury being in a loop of the Severn and that river's tendency to break its banks, that probably has been a very sensible move for these low-lying areas.

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