Shepherd's Rock, Stiperstones,
Shropshire, England


Despite appearances to the contrary, my tendency to underexpose images in the hope of making them punchy when light is less plentiful struck here. Another technique that involves deliberate overexposure is practised by many while I still lapse into old habits. Post-processing of the images creates the actual results in both approaches though the latter is wiser. Even so, the above photo looks acceptable and without much time spent on it either.

When the scene was captured, I was in the last stage of my walking to Snailbeach and the sun was growing ever lower in the February sky. There were cloudy interludes too before the sun eventually was obstructed completely to give the day an overcast end to go with the same sort of start and that also featured a damper interlude. The brighter middle of the day more than made up for this and the memories that were made could send me back again. Hikes are best when they end like this.

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