Kohima Memorial, Dean's Park, York, North Yorkshire, England

Kohima Memorial, Dean

To the north of the Minster, there is the Dean's Park, and it's a green leafy contrast to the paving of the nearby Shambles to the Minster's south. At one side of the park, there possibly is the only remnant of a bishop's palace that once stood nearby. While it looks like a section of erstwhile cloisters, it has become the Kohimo Memorial of the Second Division of the British Army. The war memorial commemorates a battle during World War II when the Japanese tried to invade India. It's not the only war memorial in York either because there is an astronomical clock in the Minster itself that is dedicated to airmen who lost their lives during World War II and another outdoor one across from the front of the said building. Even in relatively peaceful spaces, there can be reminders that we are not always thus ourselves.

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