The Minster from Dean's Park, York, North Yorkshire, England

The Minster from Dean

Here is a view of the Central Tower of York's Minster as seen from the Dean's Gardens on an evening in August 2013. The late evening sunshine has given the white stone structure a warmer hue, so some care is needed if you want to create an image showing the building in its normal white state. In strong sunshine, that creates its own challenges given how good at reflecting light the stonework actually is; it can be tricky making an exposure that makes the building distinct from any white clouds that lie behind it.

The photo is of the church's central tower, and it looks so solid now that it has to believe that it was in danger of collapsing during the Minster's construction. The resulting strengthening of structure surrounding the tower has ensured that the Minster has avoided a fate like that which befell the original St. Chad's in Shrewsbury. Stories like that partially explain the need for continued maintenance of this very historic building though it's the intricacy of its stonework and its place in an attractive city that secures its survival.

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