The Minster from Minster Yard, York, North Yorkshire, England

The Minster from Minster Yard, York, North Yorkshire, England

Approaching the Minster from Stonegate will bring you to the place from which the scene in this photo can be glimpsed. It is of the South Transept and the 60-metre-high Central Tower as seen from Minster Yard of a sunny August afternoon. For those wanting to see inside the Minster, there is a charge, and it's £10 for an adult with £5 for an ascent of the tower; prices are correct at the time of writing, and you can check the Minster's website for more information. One thing to note is that climbing the tower is not always a possibility though since it is weather dependent. Any charges do not apply to anyone attending a service at the Minster though, and they may look high to some until you realise how much it must cost to keep the place maintained as well as it is. That part of the building has been shrouded in scaffolding for much of the last ten years says enough on its own.

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