New Walk from Skeldergate Bridge, York, North Yorkshire, England

New Walk from Skeldergate Bridge, York, North Yorkshire, England

When thinking of York, I cannot say that riverside walks are what comes to mind. Mainly, my thoughts are about the Minster, the city walls and other historic antiquities. With rivers like the Ouse and the Foss flowing through it, folk are bound to want to walk their banks and New Walk is one such circuit. In spite of its name, it dates from the early eighteenth century and starts near Skeldergate Bridge before extending as far as the much newer Millennium Bridge, skirting Rowntree Park on one of the banks.

The photo shows the start near Tower Park, which itself is not that far from Clifford's Tower. Speaking of towers, there is a smaller squatter affair in this scene called Davy's Tower after a John Davy who lived there around 1420. It used to be part of the city walls, and it was possible to sling a chain across the Ouse to another tower on the other bank for the repulsion of invaders. York's highest spire is in the photo too, belonging as it does to St. Mary's. Though formerly a church, it no longer is in use as one and serves as one of York's art galleries these days. The tower of the still religiously used and All Saints' church on Pavement is another that pokes up above the surrounding houses though not anywhere near as much as that of St. Mary's.

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