St. Anne's Church, Shandon, Cork, Éire

St. Anne

It somewhat amazes me that a Church of Ireland place of worship became a well known Cork landmark. One reason for this is the way that its bell tower rises above the surrounding in buildings in a way that guarantees it visibility from a wide area. It also means that a good view of the whole city is there to be savoured from a building dating from 1722.

Also, the installed bells can be rung by anyone so long as no church service is ongoing at the time. In fact, numerous celebrities over the years and provide another of its claims to fame. As if that were not enough, there is also a well known song entitled The Bells of Shandon memorialising them so the passage of their knowledge transcends propagation by human experience alone.

The above scene was captured from the banks of the River Lee's North Channel. In it, two of the tower's clock faces are telling the same time in defiance of its being reputed to be a "four-faced liar" with each clock face displaying the wrong time. Also, the time being shown was the actual time at which the photo was made as if to further contradict the jibe.

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