Statue of Father Theobald Mathew, O'Connell Street, Dublin, Éire

Statue of Father Theobald Mathew, O

In many ways, the siting of a statue of Fr. Theobald Mathew in Dublin's O'Connell Street is an odd one: most of his ministry was exercised in Cork where there is another statue of him in its main thoroughfare, Patrick Street. However, his main claim to fame is the temperance movement that he led. This promoted abstinence from alcohol consumption and reduced crime in Cork city. However, it was hampered by the onset of the Great Famine in the middle of the nineteenth century, but other movements have succeeded it. The Pioneer Total Association of the Sacred Heart is one of those and my parents were lifetime members of that organisation as am I. The need for moderation in the consumption of any item never leaves us so organisations such as these always have their place.

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