Castle Green, Ballybunion, Co. Kerry, Éire

Castle Green, Ballybunion, Co. Kerry, Éire

Since it was taken over a decade ago, this photo has become an historical record. That stone ruin, the remains of a castle, is no longer as pretty to survey as it was when I made this photo. A lightning strike saw to that and the ensuing efforts to stabilise the structure produced a sight for sore eyes. In a way, that's a pity because there cannot be many seaside locations that mix sandy beaches and scenic cliffs like Ballybunion. The place is a haven for golfers too and the local course did receive a visit from Bill Clinton during his presidency of the U.S.A., September 1998 to be precise. Saying all that, the place wouldn't be my first choice for an outing and that might be because I got to see it too often during my formative years, and it's not the easiest of locations for photography. In contrast, I am drawn towards hill country more enthusiastically these days.

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