Muckross House, Killarney, Co. Kerry, Éire

Muckross House, Killarney, Co. Kerry, Éire

Sometimes, patience when photographic capture of a certain scene is in mind. However, a wait of fifteen years should come across as a long one to anyone. For a time, it seemed that the very mention of a visit to Killarney was enough for the weather to act up on me. Saying that, getting a dry day with very cloudy skies is not good cause for grumbling even if that makes sunshine scarce. If fact, it was damp on one visit though a walk to Torc waterfall stopped me leaving empty-handed.

Just to prove that the sunshine and blue skies visit this part of Kerry, I managed to return on a day that only could be called a scorcher. Though it doesn't like it above, Muckross Gardens were well frequented, but a little more patience was all that was needed to get the image that you see here. Everything is owned by the Irish state as part of the Killarney National Park, having been gifted to it by the Bourn-Vincents. In times prior to developing a fascination with hill country, I have been around the house and admired the preservation of a period in Irish history that is behind us now. There are good views through the front windows too though the sun would have been in the wrong place for capturing what could be seen through them when I was around it. Nowadays, I am more than happy to enjoy the splendour from the outside and here it is for you too.

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