King John's Castle, Limerick, Éire

King John

The day on which this photo was captured was a hazy affair that can bedevil photography in March and has some bearing how the image appears. That morning in 2011 already had me complete my first ever planned flight from Manchester to Shannon (the previous winter had me on a flight from Manchester to Dublin that had been diverted and, infuriatingly, I could not disembark in Shannon because of luggage checked into the hold, so a four-hour delay was suffered instead). Having some extra downtime planned in case of transport delays, I strolled around Limerick for the first time in over 15 years and took in sights like the city's medieval castle and the Treaty Stone. It was near the latter, reputed to be the stone on which the 1690 Treaty of Limerick was signed, that I captured this scene before walking around by it on the way back to the city's main bus and train station.

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