Corrin's Tower, Peel, Isle of Man


There is quite a view from the top of Corrins Hill. Not only can you see up and down the western coastline of the Isle of Man but the Mourne Mountains and the Mull of Galloway may be visible in the right weather too. That means that you could see as far as Northern Ireland and Scotland on a good day and that is what I got on the Mayday Bank Holiday morning when I was there. Even the evening before, I got to supposing that I could see the Mourne Mountains, but I am not so sure now.

Like Milner's Tower on Bradda Head, Corrin's Tower again is a memorial. It was built by Thomas Corrin in memory of his wife Alice, who died in childbirth, in 1806. Being a non-conformist, Corrin even built a little burial ground next to the four-storey tower and memorials remain there today and the tower itself contains a pillar and many inscriptions. To placate Corrin's son Richard, the ground was consecrated before his father was buried there following his death in 1845. To satisfy fisherman who used it as a landmark for navigation, the hill passed into the ownership of the Manx government in 1836 so that the building, also known as Corrin's Folly, did not get demolished by the Corrin family, and we still have it with us today.

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