View South from Corrins Hill, Peel, Isle of Man

View South from Corrins Hill, Peel, Isle of Man

One thing that was in short supply on my walk from Port Erin to Peel in May 2010 was sunshine. There was plenty in Douglas before I started out for Port Erin, but I cannot remember any disappointment on losing it. The clouds that threatened rain around Cronk ny Arrey Laa were left after me once I descended to lower levels and the sun did gamely try to break through the clouds for the rest of the way north along Raad ny Foillan.

The next morning came sunny, so I tried heading to Peel again, and it is from then that this photo comes. The overnight cloud clearance more than made up for any non-recalled slight from the previous day. My more pressing problem was that the sun was not in the most convenient part of the sky for photography of scenes that looked south. That was a minor concern given how much was on show of where I had been the previous day. It appeals to me that Cronk ny Arrey Laa, the high point of previous day's hike, appeared before me. There were new sights too, and I wonder if I was seeing as far as even the Calf of Man, such is the alignment of the western coast of the Isle of Man.

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