Villa Marina & Garden, Douglas, Isle of Man

Villa Marina & Garden, Douglas, Isle of Man

This photo comes from my third visit to the Isle of Man. Though it later clouded over for some rain, there was some sun to be enjoyed on the day of my arrival, so I pottered around Douglas' waterfront for a while and took some food too. One of the places where I ventured on that Friday was the Villa Marina.

This green space is hidden from the view of anyone walking along Douglas' promenade by a façade that separates from the street outside. The combination of a lengthy terrace and steps leading up from the pavement level makes any obscurity all the more real. Thinking about it now, I wonder what led me to wander inside, and it seems that curiosity provides the only explanation.

With blue skies and sunshine, I was not lured indoors that afternoon. If I was, the Royal Hall and the Broadway Cinema may have awaited me and the Gaiety Theatre is found next door too. At times, there would be entertainment to be savoured, and the whole complex is found on the web under the Villa Gaiety moniker should you wish to peruse what is showing before a visit.

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