Skåpet & Aksla, Vatne,
Rogaland, Norway

Skåpet & Aksla, Vatne, Rogaland, Norway

Appearances can deceive and, despite any indications to the contrary, there is a steep trench between the craggy hilltop at the back and those marking the back shore of Revsvatnet. That is where you find Lysefjorden, and it is possible to walk down there, but the way back will need extra energy. Preikestolen is further to the left of the picture and that does present a steep non-walkable drop and is the main attraction in the area. However, there are other delightful places for those who want to stray away from the masses, and they can be unpeopled. It is not so hard to earn some solo time even if the location is not that far from where others are.

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