King's College, Old Aberdeen, Aberdeen, Scotland


Old Aberdeen is well removed from the city centre and feels more like a country village than a part of a city. Among the landmarks that dominate the area are the imposing old buildings of King's College, now part of the University of Aberdeen. This is a view of the perhaps unsurprisingly named Crown Tower from within the King's College Quadrangle. The crown itself dates from 1633 and replaces an earlier crown that was blown down in a storm; careful copying ensure that there was no change in appearance as a result.

Speaking of changes, much has altered in the world in the years that elapse between my two visits to Aberdeen. My own photographic endeavours are different as is the technology that I use too, with digital capture of the image on a morning when showers were about. Here too, I'll admit to a spot of perspective correction because the space in the quadrangle isn't sufficient for straight photos without a more expensive specialist lens. Hopefully, the image retains a timeless feel though taken on a still Saturday morning in an ever-changing world.

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