Old Royal High School & Calton Hill as seen from Salisbury Crags, Edinburgh, Scotland

Old Royal High School & Calton Hill as seen from Salisbury Crags, Edinburgh, Scotland

There are a number of views of Holyrood from Calton Hill in this album so here's one of the latter from the former, from Salisbury Crags in fact. From this angle, it cannot be said that Calton Hill isn't festooned with monuments of one kind or another. The Nelson Monument is the most prominent and enables mariners to view its time-ball, a later addition, which works in conjunction with the one o'clock gun. The National Monument and the city observatories are also discernible. We also get a much better view of the former Royal High School, now known as New Parliament House, that was designed by Thomas Hamilton who was inspired very much by the Temple of Theseus in Athens. Further east along Regent Road is another monument, this time to one Robert Burns. Behind all of these lies the Firth of Forth with the hills of Fife beyond that again.

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