Camasunary, Strath, Isle of Skye, Scotland

Camasunary, Kilmarie, Strath, Isle of Skye, Scotland

There is a right of way that takes you from Elgol to Sligachan and the piece by Loch Scavaig is laced with drama. First, there's the scenery and the surrounding vistas, but an added frisson of excitement is bequeathed to the experience by the path that is followed. The steep slopes of Ben Cleat need to be crossed, and the narrow thoroughfare gets very stepped in places. In fact, so is the footway at times that the last thing that you'd need to see beneath you is the sea! It is reminiscent of the Offa's Dyke Path across the steep slopes of Eglwyseg Mountain between Trefor in the Vale of Llangollen and Llandegla, albeit with added water. In a way, it's a pity that the terrain underfoot distracts you from what surrounds you but the foot of Glen Scaladal allows a chance for some recompense before the slightly less testing slopes of Beinn Leacach are negotiated to get to sights like the one that you see above.

It is telling how isolated countryside becomes when you see a mere homestead like Camasunary gaining attention from cartographers. While I cannot be sure how you'd eke a living in such surroundings, it's a stunning location with views along Loch Scavaig out to the sea and the nearby hills like Sgurr na Stri to the left, Ruadh Stac in the background and Bla Bheinn, an outlier from the main Cuillin range, to the right. There is a vehicle track in from Kilmarie and Kirkibost, so walkers can avoid the track from Elgol if they prefer, but why would you lose the chance to see all that drama? Just get yourself a firm foothold, relax and enjoy.

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