Loch na Crèitheach, Strath,
Isle of Skye, Scotland

Loch na Crèitheach, Strath, Isle of Skye, Scotland

North of Camasunary, the hill track to Sligachan heads deeper into wilder countryside as it passes Loch na Crèitheach and Bla Bheinn. The rocky summit of Ruadh Stac does its best to obliterate Marsco from sight and looms large as you continue on towards Sligachan. Proceeding further inland allows you to revel in the views while not having to watch your step like you would if following the shore of Loch Scavaig from Elgol. You're hardly likely to have a line of folk behind you so taking your time is in order. Going from Elgol to Sligachan may be a ten mile stroll but I regard it as a classic and you may be joined by those seeking loftier heights from time to time but there's never any perturbation in that really.

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