Ladyurd Hill & Penvalla, Stobo,
Borders, Scotland

Ladyurd Hill & Penvalla, Stobo, Borders, Scotland

Between Stobo and Broughton, there is a stretch of wild empty countryside that feels the most isolated part of the John Buchan Way between Peebles and Broughton. Even with darkening skies, it remained a place where I could relax as I hiked, and I still had time to photographically capture the most alluring scenes of the entire trail. That was before a shower overtook me on the way down to Broughton but so much had been gained that I did not feel short-changed in any way, even if having more sunshine would have added more photos of the surrounding countryside. Broughton was drying out when I reached it and I awaited a bus back to Peebles in dry weather. After a grey start, the day became sunny, and the sun returned after any rain. It might have been a metaphor for my life at the time, but the recollections of delightful sights are what remain now.

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