Newby Kipps, Glen Sax, Peebles,
Borders, Scotland

Newby Kipps, Glen Sax, Peebles, Borders, Scotland

It may look limited, but I find a photographic palette restricted to blues, greens and whites rather enticing. Here you have browns too since it takes Scottish hills a while to grow green for the summer and my visit in April was too early for that. Because I used to explore Scotland’s hilly areas only in the summer months, I used to wonder how Colin Prior made photos with brown hillsides, but there are plenty of opportunities for doing just that if you visit throughout the year.

The surrounding countryside may not have emerged from its winter clothes, but the weather felt far more like summer that whole Easter weekend. In fact, I was rather spoiled by it with only heat haze to intrude on any enjoyment of photographic opportunities. That also did nothing to take from the satisfaction of my completing a circuit of the Glen Sax hills and this photo was captured earlier on a day when sunny blue skies persisted. That was just as well given the required route finding around the midpoint of the hike.

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