Priorsford Footbridge, Peebles,
Borders, Scotland

Priorsford Footbridge, Peebles, Borders, Scotland

Peebles not only is a pleasant spot that had pretensions as a spa town in former times, but it also is surrounded by plenty of hills as you'll see in other photos in this album. Though it remains a genteel place on the banks of the river Tweed, it remains somewhere where I have yet to enjoy photographic success. That is why you see a photo of its Priorsford footbridge in place of a wider view of the town, an omission that I am hoping to resolve sooner rather than later.

It is that proximity to hills that has drawn me here in recent years but really should have done the same during my student years in nearby Edinburgh. The delights of Scotland's capital and my preoccupation with computing may have had as much to do with that as my own lack of knowledge. There were trips to the Highlands even if what lay along the banks of the Tweed could have brought forward an interest in hill wandering that draws me to lesser known spots as often as more celebrated ones.

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