Bowerhope Law from St. Mary's Loch, Borders, Scotland

Bowerhope Law from St. Mary

This is the right hand picture of a set of there that is include in this album of St. Mary's Loch. But for a twenty mile jaunt back to Moffat where I was staying the night, I might have been tempted to walk around it, taking a part of the Southern Upland Way other than the one I intended to walk. That would have disrupted original plans so I made do with enjoying what lay before me on a still September morning before heading away again. That allowed the reflection of Bowerhope Law to be largely unperturbed though a breeze was staring to blow up to end a period of silent stillness. This is a part of the world that I haven't visited since 2006 and it needs redress after the pleasure it give me then.

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