Mamores, Kinlochleven, Lochaber, Scotland

Mamores, Kinlochleven, Lochaber, Scotland

The Mamores dominate the landscape between Kinlochleven and Fort William and offer a multitude of opportunities for hillwalking. The section of the West Highland Way between Glen Coe offers plenty of chances for admiring them too since it's shorter in length than others. However, for all that, I have not had so much in the way of luck when capturing those vistas whenever I have gone that way so here is what can be seen from Beinn a' Chr├╣laiste, and it's not at all dissimilar from what be seen from the route of the West Highland Way. In fact, those who know where to look even might find the line of the long distance trail in the photo, between the shoulder of Beinn Bheag and the top of Meall Bad a' Bheithe. As it happens, I can make out that the line of sight extends towards the Lairig More between Kinlochleven and Glen Nevis or Fort William too, so it's a fair slice of the West Highland Way's route on view at one sitting.

This is memorable countryside and there may be too much to take in at one sitting. In fact, making out which hill is which is enough of task before going any deeper. This might be one sight that's best savoured without any attempt at analysis. That would have me adding arrows to the photo so that the viewer can figure out which is which and my vantage point did usefully add Ben Nevis to my line of sight (those following the West Highland Way will need to be patient and wait until Glen Nevis for that) and that just highlighted how wide my angle of vision was when I went peering at a map. Then, I made out Meall na Duibhe along what I think is Na Gruaigachean and Sgorr Eilde Beag. There are so many other tops like An Bodach and more that become apparent when comparing the original full size photo with a map that hours could pass while figuring out which top is which, so much so that maybe just enjoying the overall scene is best. After all, too much can be sought.

Still, continuing to explore more nooks and crannies of a well crumbled landscape seems a worthy pursuit. There already is an excuse in the form of improving on the photo that you see here. Trained eyes might note the appearance of heat haze, and I'd rather have a scene without that. With plenty more to see and a better understanding of through where I would be passing, any excuse will do in order to encourage a return and photographic ones should more than suffice.

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