Bridge between Harris and Scalpay, Western Isles, Scotland

Bridge between Harris and Scalpay, Harris, Western Isles, Scotland

If this image was captured a year later, chances are that it would be at higher magnification because I replaced an 18-55 mm kit lens with an 18-125 mm item. The new lens also had the added advantage of being sharper than its predecessor, something that I have observed clearly in photos captured with them. The later purchase took extra time to arrive, but it was worth the wait and the extra effort of a firmware upgrade to get the autofocus functionality working as it should.

The result of the shorter focal length is that more effort is needed to pick out the eponymous bridge between Harris and Scalpay. Even from the vantage point on a Calmac ferry, it looked very modern and somewhat out of keeping with its location. It often amazes me where modern infrastructure is found in Scotland’s highlands and islands with this being no exception.

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