Roque de Antequera, Antequera,
Tenerife, Spain

Roque de Antequera, Antequera, Tenerife, Spain

This is view back from one of the more scary paths that I have walked in my life. Others include one between Elgol and Camasunary on the Isle of Skye in Scotland together with a section of Offa's Dyke Path near Llangollen in Wales. Of the lot, the last on the list was the least troubling since it was dry land that lay underneath and not sea like with the other two. Nevertheless, nerves were managed until my journey went inland again even though I lost the above sight in the process.

Views compensated in their own way as you can see from the photo of a very picturesque Roque de Antequera extending beyond the black volcanic sand of Playa de Antequera. The place feels like a wild outpost far-flung from anywhere and that may have focussed my mind as much as a piece of supposedly stony ground coming away in my hand, albeit with any repercussions. It certainly was an experience of the sublime with natural beauty encouraging one to overcome the attendant terror without coming to any harm.

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