Maesyrychen Mountain & Berwyn Quarry Spoil Heaps, Llandynan, Denbighshire, Wales

Maesyrychen Mountain & Berwyn Quarry Spoil Heaps, Llandynan, Denbighshire, Wales

When I first caught sight of what I now know to be spoil heaps left over from quarrying, I amazingly thought I was looking at crags. A spot of wandering brought me just by them while making my way back from Moel y Gamelin and Moel y Faen to Llangollen again. It is amazing how you can be deceived from afar and surprised up close. Looking at this photo, I have little idea how I came to the wrong impression as I was resting on the way up from Rhewl to Moel y Gamelin. There are times when exploration on foot is the only way to get to know a place.

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