Miner's Track, Llanberis, Gwynedd, Wales


Here is a view of Yr Wyddfa itself from the Miner's Track to the top from Pen-y-pass. It is but one of a number of ways up to Snowdon and many of these tracks are named: Pyg, Miner's, Rhyd-ddu, Ranger's, Llanberis, etc. Also, some are popular and some are not. The Miner's, Pyg and Llanberis tracks were used heavily on the day. In spite of the rocky aspect of Wales' highest hill, many were going up shod in runners and clad in t-shirts and shorts. It might have been a hot day in August, but hill's can affect weather, so it's best never to be too trusting, and I probably looked overly prepared to those who don't normally ascend hillsides.

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