Yr Elen & Carnedd Llewelyn, Gerlan, Gwynedd, Wales

Yr Elen & Carnedd Llewelyn, Gerlan, Gwynedd, Wales

It's amazing how near a telephoto lens can bring a scene and here's an example from a walk between Bethesda and Llyn Ogwen. Sheep may frequent the area but the Carneddau are surrounded by land with a wild feel reminiscent of the Rhinogydd. However, instead of that mixture of rounded and broken hillsides, you get something with the sort of majestic that you find a lot in Scotland. Looking at the view now, I reckon that I must have been looking south-east when I captured it. That would make the front hummock Yr Elen with Carnedd Llewelyn, one of the highest of the Carneddau and named after one of the last princes of Gwynedd in a time before the Norman conquest of Wales and the building of all those castles that surround the area, bringing up the rear.

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