Beaumaris Castle, Isle of Anglesey, Wales

Beaumaris Castle, Isle of Anglesey, Wales

Having had a castles of Wales project in my head for a while, I took up the opportunity of a sunny July weekend to go exploring Anglesey for the first time. The promise of seeing the hills of Snowdonia from afar was another lure and there were plenty of views of those though going later in the day would suited photographic capture of what lay across the Menai Strait from me. A morning visit did suit making photos of Beaumaris Castle and that could have been forfeited to make something of those hill so it very much was a case of not having everything at and dealing with that. What surprised me was how low the castle walls seemed to be in comparison with others built to subdue Wales by Edward of England. Caernarfon, where I was the previous evening is all the more loft as is Conwy and Harlech. Maybe it was the moat that served as extra protection though it doesn't extend all around the walls these days. All in all, Beaumaris Castle seems a curious affair and there may be another visit yet.

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